CLF Schools is committed to providing a safe learning and working environments. CLF has provided students and staff with safe drinking water in compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandates.

The final phase was completed in June 2021. Prior actions included:

  • Sampling and testing all water sources.
  • Flushing, replacing, or valving off fixtures.
  • Providing bottled water when drinking sources could not be cleared expeditiously.

The final phase of our Water Quality Program allowed for retesting all drinking sources currently in use and installing filtered water fountains at CLF schools.


High-efficiency water filters (Aquaspace® and Elkay®) were installed into each outlet with elevated lead in water in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. The water outlets were thoroughly cleaned and flushed. The remediated drinking water outlets in each school were resampled and tested, and the lead content in water was determined to be below 5ppb.