Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation (CLF) schools accomplish this mission by providing a rigorous, quality education for K-12 students with an enhanced focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math (STEAM) and in partnership with students, parents, and the communities we serve. CLF supports and seeks opportunities that inspire students to maximize their potential in our globalized society. We incorporate technologyin the classroom to encourage student participation in our fast-pace society while ensuring CLF graduates will have the confident skills and experience to advance and excel in higher education and the modern workforce.

Our Vision
CLF schools see through the lens of our CLF Mission Statement and seek opportunities that inspire our students to maximize their potential. Through a strong academic program, school-family-community partnership, and a strong teacher-student relationship, we will prepare students to be responsible and successful individuals in our globalized & technology-based society. We will challenge and promote K-12 grade students in our creative, supportive learning environments. We educate our students to meet all general requirements. Our academic programs focus on STEAM. CLF seeks partnerships that help us enable students to achieve their maximum potential by instilling self-confidence and empowering them with analytical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills. In constant support of our schools, CLF collaborates with community leaders and leading institutions to foster student success and inspire post-secondary education goals to become responsible, contributing citizens.