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1605, 2022

CLF Enrichment SY22-23 Rates

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CLF Enrichment SY22-23 registrations begin on July 5, 2022. -Hours- Discounted Sibling Rate -6:30am – School Starts- $66.15 per Student -School Ends – 4:00pm- $66.15 per Student -School Ends – 6:00pm- $154.35 per Student 6:30am - School Starts + School Ends - 4:00pm $132.30 per Student 6:30am-School Starts + School Ends-6:00pm $220.50 per Student You [...]

1603, 2016


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CLF’s Enrichment Program serves our CLF schools (CMIT Academies), grades K-12, by offering structured time in a safe and productive environment before and after school hours, giving families more flexibility with scheduling and transportation. The program provides an opportunity for academic support and social growth through supervised study sessions, homework assistance, organized recreation, games and peer interactions. Hours Discounted Sibling Rate 6:30am – School Starts [...]

1503, 2016


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1503, 2016

Opportunities Abound

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Please send your resume below! Thank you for your interest. We are continually reviewing resumes and will contact you based on our needs.




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