Upcoming RIDES Training!

CMIT Elementary Admins & Teachers – this is for you! Encourage yourself and others to join! The RIDES Kit is packed with household items that can be used to conduct a wide variety of STEAM based activities. Join us as MDOT demonstrates how to implement these items and lessons in your classroom!

We plan to have training be available both digitally and in-person!

If you are interested in participating, email CBICER@CLFMD.ORG

All individuals participating in the optional CMIT South ES RIDES Training by AASHTO & MDOTSHA, in-person, are required to follow CDC and PGCPS guidelines; this event is being made available as a hybrid option both virtual/in person.

The RIDES training and the RIDES kit is sponsored by AASHTO and MDOTSHA. For more information on the RIDES Program, please visit the link below!,and%2520then%2520applies%2520real%252Dworld&sa=D&source=calendar&ust=1602510733305000&usg=AOvVaw2jzAg1f1WlZsNpJ0DT08o9