Let’s clear the air right away. CLF is 501c3. We are non-profit. K-12 quality STEM evolving into STEAM education drives us…not profit. Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation (CLF)’s sustained success is innovative excellence in K-12 education. As of today, all our schools serve a diverse, majority-minority population of America’s future innovators. Founded in 2005, our nonprofit, non-partisan office is located in the greater Washington, D.C. Metro area and provides educational support for K-12 students. CLF currently operates six (6) of the top public STEM schools in MD. Our students are accepted via random lottery and from that moment on, nothing is random. We invest in our families, our students’ individual potentials, and we create our own culture to aim higher with each year, each new generation. This ensures an efficient system of CLF Schools that continue to serve as beacons for our STEM/STEAM education and prove public-charters can succeed in Maryland when communities are engaged. Communities deserve new, world-class public education opportunities & together, we inspire by equipping and empowering our mindful communities with what works in today’s K-12 classrooms. Better visualize your graduates’ pathways needed to deliver on our country’s promise to provide public education to its public. Contact CLF to provide more opportunity for your community’s K-12 youth, prepare them for post-secondary education in a variety of fields of study, instill a passion for learning, promote professionalism, & foster a real sense of citizenship that will ultimately enable students to achieve analytical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills that will propel them as tomorrow’s leaders & innovators.

PARTNERSHIPS ARE KEY: We build strategic partnerships with researchers, business leaders, area colleges/universities, other communities to ensure engagement with our country’s top minds & leading thinkers. CLF`s unique and replicable school model has been proven to work in multiple locations in Maryland. Our partners enjoy the tools they need to replicate our successful programs as we offer technical assistance in the form of: school start-up support, sharing of our intellectual property (school model and curriculum), database support, human resources, finance management, and professional development support.

LOFTY IDEALS MADE REAL: To fulfill CLF`s goal supporting any communities wishing to learn from us, these “lofty” ideals are not only proven possible, but replicable. Foster & grow a strong academic program that relies on a school-family-community partnership and the challenge of kindergarten through twelfth-grade education in a creative and supportive learning environment is within reach. Adopt our academic program focusing on STEM/STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) areas to educate students as responsible, innovative citizens. The strength of our parent-teacher-student relationship is symbiotic.

Help students become competent, responsible and successful individuals in our globalized and technology-based society. Contact CLF if interested in CLF’s intellectual help in providing your community with our proven platform of compounding opportunity. Together, your community’s K-12 youth will be better prepared for post-secondary education in a variety of fields of study, have instilled within them a pursuit of professionalism & citizenship that will ultimately enable each successful student to truly achieve their maximum potential.

Finally, not only should folks wishing to learn more about our replication process email CLF PR, but inspired members of the community can ALWAYS help our programs by giving/sponsoring a specific or general CLF fund with a 100% tax-deductible donation. Do please invest in your community by investing in ours. Contact our Office of Community Partnerships: