Operations Update – Nov. 2019


The gym renovation project: The CMIT SOUTH MS/HS’s gym was updated with hardwood floors, bleachers, basketball hoops, wall pads, color schemes, divider and scoreboards, and accessories. The new electric wiring was completed for dividers and basketball hoops.

HVAC system:
The HVAC system was upgraded. CMIT South team members have digital access to control the HVAC thermostats from their phones/PCs.

Camera and Server:
The school’s inside/outside cameras and the server were upgraded. The replacement of old cameras in some locations is still in progress. IT department members are working on completing this task before 2020.

Outside Lights:
The project is in progress. The CLF Operation Department members are working on proposals for this project. The wall packs and bollards are going to be replaced with LED lights.
The approval of this project will be in December during our CLF board meeting.

CMIT SOUTH MS/HS Land Purchase:
As of last week, we completed the purchase transactions for the land adjacent to the Middle High School Facility.
Our goal is to complete the construction project by the beginning of the next school year. There will be parking additional lots, road extensions for dismissal, high school size, greenfield and sports areas for athletics programs.


Gym and Maker-Lab Noise Reduction Project:
The acoustical solution project was approved and we have begun work on the initial phases. The maker lab and gym will have acoustical panels to reduce noise and solve echo problems which will make instruction more efficient.

Playground Improvement Project:
The PIP surface was extended for students at the playground. Such improvements expanded the play area and serve as a precaution to avoid injuries.