Financial Services

Accountability, Sustainability, & Transparency
CLF provides its clients with a wide variety of financial services to help schools achieve financial accountability, sustainability, and transparency. Fee-based services shape the concrete financial structure, as the CLF financial team focuses on reducing operational cost while building a self-sustaining organization.

CLF acknowledges that helping create effective schools that incorporate growth and sustainability is a strong indicator of high academic performance. CLF financial services focus on improving the school’s ability to meet its educational mission and make progress towards academic excellence. These services include:

Multi Year Budget Creation and Cash Flow Projection

Long-term budget creation and cash flow projection are crucial factors in running financially sustainable schools. CLF provides practical business tools to optimize transparency and performance, while ensuring long-term viability.

Fiscal Planning

CLF is deeply committed to offering sustainable financial planning to its member schools. CLF strongly believes in the value of helping public charter schools focus on financial infrastructure, which can be challenging for a school with little support.

Member schools have the opportunity to work with the CLF team to establish accounting policies and procedures and to create budgets. Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Time Sheets, Insurance, Account Receivable, Audit, Sales Tax Submissions, Monthly Recs and Reports, Submission of Federal reports.

Internal Control & Compliance
CLF helps its member schools develop internal control tools through structure, policies, and procedures designed to provide reasonable assurance that schools are compliant while also meeting objectives and fulfilling responsibilities.

Grant/Loan Management
CLF helps its member schools manage multiple grants or loans efficiently and coordinates the borrowing and management power needed for business financing.

Revenue Enhancement Opportunities
The expenditures of any public education agency grow from year to year, which can feel particularly difficult given that revenues continue trending downward. CLF helps its member schools enhance revenues and reduce cost.

Workshops & Seminars
CLF provides business management workshops to its member schools. These workshops highlight the latest changes in education funding and provide practical legal and financial roadmaps.