Employer: Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.


Position Title: IT Specialist


Job Location: Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation Inc., 6151 Chevy Chase Dr., Laurel, MD 20707


Position Duties & Requirements:


Install, configure and support Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation's (CLF) hardware, software, Internet system and automated functions such as back-ups, and virus/windows updates. Evaluate network infrastructure and monitor network performance to determine whether adjustments need to be made and where changes will need to be made in the future. Monitor/test Web site performance to ensure web site operates correctly and without interruption. Diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve hardware, software or other network/system problems and replace defective components when necessary. Plan/implement network security measures and perform data backups and disaster recovery operations. Configure, monitor and maintain email applications or virus protection software. Monitor/implement Information Technology policies and procedures. Optimize network performance by researching/recommending software/equipment/hardware. Develop, in coordination with users, specifications & requirements for new applications and system enhancements and changes. Identify new technologies & applications to improve overall effectiveness of CLF operations. Confer with network users about how to solve existing system problems. Maintain records as required. Provide training, technical manuals and troubleshooting services to users.    Travel is required to CLF's charter schools located in Upper Marlboro, Laurel, & Hanover, MD.  F/T position. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field is required.  


How to Apply:


Please fax resume to 240-547-2571


Employer:                Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation Inc.

Position Title:          IT Specialist

Job Location:           Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation Inc., 6151 Chevy Chase Dr., Laurel, MD 20707

Job Summary: 

Under the general supervision of Chief Information Officer, The IT Specialist is

responsible for all computer network administration, operations and monitoring

activities. IT Specialist also performs a variety of complex professional and technical

duties related to the installation and maintenance of the client computer networks and

communications hardware and software systems including network and application

servers, routers, firewalls, LAN, WAN, fiber systems and wireless networks on all

campus locations.

The IT Specialist will work alongside of other IT personnel in member charter schools to

monitor network elements, net flows and day-to- day network/system health. The IT

Specialist will be involved with the configuration and installation of network and internet

security systems as well as IT disaster backup and recovery systems.


 Network administration (including backup, security management, user account

management, e-mail systems including e-mail web server, internet access, office

systems and applications support).

 Assists in supporting server, network and desktop hardware, software and


 Performs technology needs analysis.

 Rolls out hardware and software to ensure optimal deployment of resources.

 Plans, implements, and supports the network and computing infrastructure plan.

 Assists with technology planning through ongoing research.

Configures routers, switches, firewalls and wireless controllers.


Education: BS Degree with 3-5 year charter school network/system administration



 Three to five years of practical experience as a Network Administrator

or IT Specialist in a charter school

 Demonstrated knowledge of Windows servers and desktop products.

MAC experience a plus.

 Demonstrated knowledge of controller based wireless access points.

 Demonstrated ability to administer a 200+ node network including


 Demonstrated ability to support networked printers and photocopiers.

 Demonstrated working knowledge of current communications devices

and protocols, server, desktop and BYOD technologies.

 Ability to negotiate hardware/software service and technical support

contracts with vendors.

 Good communication with school staff members.

Problem solver.

How to Apply:

 Please send a resume and cover letter via email to resumes@clfmd.org

. Use IT Specialist as the subject line of the email.

You will be contacted by CLF HR to schedule an interview after initial review of the


CLF is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not allow discrimination with respect to

employment or any of the terms or conditions of employment because of race, ethnicity,

national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity, marital status or religion.


Employer:                Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation Inc.

Position Title:          Operations Manager

How to Apply:         Please send your resumes to:  resumes@clfmd.org

A. Primary Role and Purpose: Oversee and maintain the daily operations of all school affairs of the charter. 

1. Skills:

• Effective communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills.

• Knowledge of personal computers and software to compile spreadsheets, and do word processing.

• Capable of interpreting policy, procedures, and data.

• Capable of managing budget and personnel.

• Capable of coordinating charter activities.


B. Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Daily Operations Management

•       Ensure that the principal is advised on the business affairs of the charter school.

• Maintaining cafeteria equipment.

• Conducting all kind of building related inspections like HVAC, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Extinguisher, Fire Department, Health Department and others.

• Cleaning of the building in and out.

• Landscaping and snow removal.

• Opening and closing the school doors.

• Receiving deliveries.

• Pest control of the building.

• Providing necessary documentation to CLF.

• Maintaining building and furniture in and out.

• Going out for school shopping, delivery, postage, deposit etc.

• Fulfillment of principal's requests.

• Implementing emergency drills.

• Oversee needs evaluation for the enhancement of the charter business operations.

• Collaborate with charter personnel to project student enrollments, staff needs, building and facilities needs, energy needs, capital equipment needs and other cost items for the charter and individual school improvement. 

• Monitor the business office budget and see that programs are cost effective and funds are managed effectively.

• Act as charter leader to achieve cost-effective practices throughout the school.

• Confirm that business operations support the charter mission.


2. Documentation and Law

• Ensure policies established by federal and state laws that apply to charter schools and local board policy in area of business operations are being followed.

• Manage all hard-copy and computerized reports, records, and other documents required.


3. Inventory

• Ensure accurate computerized inventory records of all of the charter’s assets.

• Maintain and direct sales of surplus salvage equipment for disposal.

• Oversee maintenance of replacement cost-asset inventory for insurance purposes.



C. Job Related Conditions:

• Maintain control in stressful situations.

• Extended and irregular hours.


Please send your resumes to: resumes@clfmd.org