Please congratulate the 2019 CLF Annual Awards Recipients!

Student of the Year: 
Maya Holloman—CSP MS
Hana Motta—CSP HS
Zachary Akyeampong—CMIT Elementary (N) 
Louel Alan Maman—CMIT Elementary (S) 
Eniola Dosu—CMIT Academy North MS 
Donovan Perry—CMIT Academy North HS
Cayman Curry—CMIT Academy South MS
Sophia Montgomery—CMIT Academy South HS
Teacher of the Year:
Eugene Malloy—CSP MS
Fatima Smith—CSP HS
Michelle Tolbert—CMIT Elementary (N)
Victor Hawkins—CMIT Elementary (S)
Dana Wake—CMIT Academy North MS
Jessica Cunning—CMIT Academy North HS
Jemise Sawyer—CMIT Academy South MS
Lori Payne—CMIT Academy South HS
Support Staff of the Year:
Davette Phifer—CSP MS/HS
Ecola Virgil—CMIT Elementary (N)
Erika Herbert—CMIT Elementary (S)
Ronina Spence—CMIT Academy North MS
Mehmet Elmaci—CMIT Academy North HS
Tavon Cooke—CMIT Academy South MS/HS
Volunteer of the Year
Peggy Klappenberger—CSP MS/HS
Kim Tavel—CMIT Elementary (N)
Trina Aime—CMIT Elementary (S)
Robert L. Jones—CMIT Academy North MS
Mary Milline—CMIT Academy North HS
Michelle Marshall—CMIT Academy South MS
Germansh Eshete—CMIT Academy South HS