CMIT North MS Science Olympiad Team wins 3rd Best in Maryland!

CMIT North MS Science Olympiad Team was at JHU for the MSO State Tournament.
The team competed in all 24 events.
The team won 1 Gold medal, 
5 Silver medals,
4 Bronze medals, 
4 4th places,
4 5th place and 
3 6th places. 
Simply, Team won places in 22 events out of 23.

(Haris could not stay for award ceremony.The  picture above  from regionals.
Vanessa could not stay for Award ceremony.The picture above from State 2017)

Here are the results of All Events
# Event/Competition Name Student Name-Last Name REGIONAL STATE
1 Experimental Design Christina Thomas, Maya Miller 6TH PLACE
2 Crime Busters Haris Chaudhry, Kavya Gouda 1st Place 2ND PLACE
3 Dynamic Planet Divine Enyi, Jasmine Wilson 4th Place 5TH PLACE
4 Meteorology Kavya Gouda, Vanessa Penarrieta 5th Place 2ND PLACE
5 Disease Detectives Haris Chaudhry, Dipo Omokanwaye 1ST PLACE
6 Write It Do It Christina Thomas, Maya Miller 5th Place N/A
7 Potions and Poisons Niyah Belton, Beryl Ndofor 4th Place 5TH PLACE
8 Optics Oladipo Omokanwaye, Samuel Opoku 2nd Place 4TH PLACE
9 Rocks and Minerals Divine Enyi, Jasmine Wilson 5th Place 3RD PLACE
10 Fast Facts Haris Chaudhry, Kavya Gouda 1st Place 2ND PLACE
11 Mystery Architecture Maya Miller, Alena Nooniwal 4TH PLACE
12 Ecology Pamela Ikegwu, Roshni Pawar 4th Place
13 Road Scholar Alena Nooniwal, Beryl Ndofor 6TH PLACE
14 Herpetology Maya Miller, Alena Nooniwal 5th Place 6TH PLACE
15 Thermodynamics Oladipo Omokanwaye, Anthony Stills 6th Place 5TH PLACE
16 Anatomy and Physiology Haris Chaudhry, Kavya Gouda 1st Place 3RD PLACE
17 Microbe Mission Vanessa Penarrieta, Kavya Gouda 4th Place 3RD PLACE
18 Solar System Divine Enyi, Niyah Belton 3rd place 4TH PLACE
19 Roller Coaster Christina Thomas, Maya Miller 3rd Place 3RD PLACE
20 Wright Stuff Pamela Ikegwu, Roshni Pawar 3rd place 5TH PLACE
21 Battery Buggy Anthony Stills, Samuel Opoku 5TH PLACE
22 Hovercaft Anthony Stills, Samuel Opoku 6th place 2ND PLACE
23 Towers Jasmine Wilson, Pamela Ikegwu 6th Place 4TH PLACE
24 Density Lab Olanna Nwozo, Chelsea Mbakop N/A 2ND PLACE