chromebooksStarting 2013, CMIT Academy is adopting Google Chromebooks as a teaching tool. CMIT 8th graders and high school students will be assigned Chromebooks which will be used in and out of the classroom for various activities and homework assignments. The students will become very skilled in technology and the staff is going to be responsible for making sure that it is used appropriately. They have been working hard and are prepared to use all of these tools to engage students in the classroom.

What are Chromebooks?

Introduced in June 2011 and powered by the Google Chrome ­operating system, the Chromebook is a unique class of personal computer that combines the functionality of a traditional notebook computer with the convenience of a pure-cloud client in a device the size of a netbook.

Why Chromebooks?

With the Google Chromebooks, students will be able to create new files or save/share their existing files as word, excel, power point, pdf, etc. With their Google email accounts, students may access to their Google Drive at a library or at home by using any device including a PC, tablet, or Mac. In other words, a student may start working on an assignment / file on CMIT-assigned Google Chromebook in the classroom, access the same assignment / file at a library in the afternoon and make updates, and submit that assignment / file before going to bed at home. Such an implementation addresses students with weak organizational skills as it minimizes number of papers to be used or are potentially misplaced. Google calendar is another tool which will allow students to keep track of their upcoming assignments and assessments. The same calendar may be viewed or edited from any device that is connected to the internet.

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