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A message from Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation (CLF)


Dear Parent or Guardian,

On behalf of the Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation (CLF), we hope this message reaches you and your family in safety and good health. As the operator for our brand of CMIT Academy Charter Schools and Chesapeake Science Point (CSP) Charter School, it is our sincere pleasure to wish everyone a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week of May 4-8, Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday May 10, and express a big thank you to our Principals as we acknowledge Principals Day, last week.

Foremost, we are all extremely pleased to see the return of two of our CLF schools, CMIT North High and CSP, to the top rankings in the State of Maryland. Both are, for the 2nd consecutive year, among the Best High Schools Nationwide for 2020 by US News and World Report (April 2020). CSP and CMIT North are ranked as the #1 and #2 Public Charter High Schools in the State of Maryland; congratulations to each and every member of CSP in AACPS and CMIT North Academy in PGCPS for their continued growth, progress, and success.

We are patient with the uncontrollables of life, as Covid-19 is teaching us. Each contributing member adds confidence in our mission, vision, and required teamwork. We have over 10,000 members in support of the work we are doing in our communities. Students-Teachers-Parents: we will not only get through this, together, I see us setting examples and paving the way. Together, we are all going through unprecedented times due to the global and national COVID-19 pandemic; CLF is closely working with our county partners, following updates from our respective government officials, and on our end, we have sanitized all our facilities. This includes the areas that are considered high-touch surfaces and our cleaning companies are contracted to maintain the sanitization of our facilities, regularly, as staff and students’ return to our schools and offices.

Until then, we are pleased to share every one of our eight CLF school programs across six academies in the State of Maryland completed their transition to distance education. We are happy to observe that all of our approximately 3,500 students, under the guidance and leadership of their school administrators and teaching staff, are excited to put their best effort towards education without interruption. As we follow the most recent developments, we’ve initiated a re-evaluation of our technology infrastructure and the inventory of our technology devices to ensure our students will always have updated technology. Diligently, our school administrators worked with our school communities to make sure all students have access to the required technology for online education. It remains CLF’s commitment to work with our school teams closely to make sure our schools will have all the necessary supplies. Our constant goal is to ensure staff can focus on instruction with highest efficiency.

Stay connected with us, especially during these digital times. There is opportunity here to do more and do great things, albeit, differently than life before the pandemic. Folks, we are all affected by Covid-19. Let’s all use this as an opportunity to strengthen our connections in our community. For example, whether you have a senior or not, let’s all celebrate our Classes of 2020 and do our part to promote positive progress, great or small, as each is worth the smile and share!

In closing, each of us is a STEM/STEAM trailblazer and a part of the Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation (CLF). Together, our CMIT Academy Schools and CSP Charter School will maximize our efforts in service and support of our communities. We will ensure delivery of the highest possible educational standards. Remember, while our physical doors wait to reopen, our digital doors remain available and accessible to you 24/7. Thank you for being a part of CLF schools family. We are with you. Please stay informed, stay healthy, and continue to excel no matter whether we are in class or online. These are our future innovators we are educating today.

Hakki Karaman, Chief Executive Officer

Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation (CLF)


  • Last updated 4/17/2020



    State Superintendent Karen Salmon announced on April 17, 2020 that the shutdown for all public schools in Maryland would be extended through May 15, 2020. When we receive updates regarding any further details regarding this decision, we will communicate it to AACPS families, students and employees as quickly as possible.


    During this time away from school, our hope is for you to remain safe and healthy. Beginning April 14 all students will be able to log into their Google Classrooms to view materials, resources, and assignments posted by each of their teachers.  Please visit our AACPS eLearning website to learn more and get all your questions answered. 


    Anne Arundel County Public Schools will serve free meals to children ages 2 to 18 at 60 sites across the county from Monday through Friday between now and April 24. Children will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a single pickup. Adults may not pick up meals for children.  View a complete list of sites




All AACPS schools and offices are closed to the public through Friday, May 15, 2020. Limited and essential personnel will be working from central and satellite offices during that time. The AACPS telephone switchboard will not be operational. If you have a question or concern that needs to be addressed, please feel free to send an email to comments@aacps.org.


Effective April 1, 2020, employees who need leave for reasons related to COVID-19 may be eligible for emergency paid sick leave and/or emergency family medical leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). More information can be found at FFCRA Notice from DOL.


“During this time away from school, our hope is for you to remain safe and healthy.  We have posted some learning for elementary and middle school students who are able to use them from 3/16/20-4/3/20.  Teachers will be reaching out to your students beginning 4/6/20 to ready them for online learning.

We thank you so much for supporting your student during their time away from school. We are pleased you are encouraging your student to participate in the provided learning experiences.  These experiences are designed to be flexible in nature. Please feel free to structure your student’s learning experiences around your family’s unique needs.  We want this transition learning to be what works for you and your student, while at the same time keeping them intellectually active. Of course, this is not school as usual, but a great way to keep your child engaged and learning for a few hours each day!


  • When online learning formally begins, there will be blocks of time daily when teachers are available for students to ask questions, seek learning support, and speak with their teachers.  Teachers will be designing these Learning Opportunity Blocks and Office Hours Blocks this coming week as they prepare for online learning using the Google Suite of Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Google Voice. Teachers will be giving families the set Learning Block and Office Hours Block information during the week of 4/6/20.

    Please remember that the week of 3/30/20 is a transition week for teachers to close out Quarter 3, receive professional development on the Google Suite for Online Learning, prepare student learning for Quarter 4, and make decisions about their Learning & Office Hours Blocks to ready themselves to contact families beginning 4/6/20.

    In our AACPS online learning setting, students will each be placed in one or more Google Classrooms according to the number of teachers and courses they have this semester.  Their assignments, learning materials, support tools, and ways to contact their teachers will be located there.  We know you are looking to prepare schedules for your student(s).  Please visit the links below for suggested schedule ideas you may wish to consider when planning for your family.

    NOTE: There is no mandate for real-time online teaching or real-time online student learning when online learning formally begins for AACPS students.  There will be blocks of time when teachers are available and they will make you aware of these set hours during the week of 4/6/20.”



Principal’s Letter to CSP Community (3/25/2020)


Superintendent Dr. George Arlotto’s Message to AACPS Community

Dr. Arlotto's message 3-27-20

Please take a few minutes to watch this message from Superintendent George Arlotto regarding e-Learning initiatives being put into place for students across our school system.

Posted by Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) on Friday, March 27, 2020