A Decade of Gold: Legendary Math Team

February 24, 2018

CSP Middle School math team won first place at Mathcounts Annapolis Chapter held at AACC, Arnold Campus. This is the 10th year in a row that the team has won first place. The team was represented by :

Official Team: 7th grade Jeffrey Huang and 8th graders Katrina Manalang, Aaban Syed & Joseph Zimmerman

Official Individuals: 6th graders: Aloya Babiker, Menna Bahkit, Emmanuel Marshall, Kevin Nguyen, Oluwagbotemi Ogungbile, Oluwatise Olaniyam, and 7th grader Maya Holloman.

Aside from being the first place team, Aaban Syed won the 4th place individual round, Jeffrey Huang won the 5th place and Joseph Zimmerman won 9th.

Coaches: Mrs. Merlina Bogador, Mrs. Yasemin Gunes, Mr. Vincent Njong ; and Mrs. Imelda Valencia

Mrs. Valencia
Math Department Chair