1st Annual CLF STEM Fair

The first annual CLF STEM Fair was a huge success. Our students did a FANTASTIC job in displaying, presenting, and effectively communicating their science fair projects. The project display boards were proof positive that our students are developing the skill sets needed to become logical thinkers and our future pool of doctors, scientists, mathematicians, engineers and so much more. It was amazing to see the product of each student’s hard work, and the support that came with each hardworking student. CLF could not have asked for a better display of school pride and enthusiasm about the sciences.


The CLF STEM Fair started off in the early hours of Saturday December 13th as the judging sessions started. The high school students gathered in the CSP building. The middle school student gathered at University of Maryland, whereas the elementary students remained in the CMIT Elementary building. As each student explained their projects to a variety of skilled judges, the students anticipated the arrival of the awards reception. The CLF STEM Fair projects consisted of a diverse palette of intriguing ideas that were traced with hard work. It was noticeable that every student had worked with inspiration, and carried out their projects with the support of an amazing team consisting of staff, parents, volunteers, and administrators.


The program ran smoothly with the expertise of Miss University City, Kendall Smith. Ms. Smith did a fantastic job announcing our VIP speakers, award recipients, and amazing performers. The honorable Attorney General Doug Gansler spoke encouraging words that supported our mission to prepare our students for the 21st century workforce. Mr. Gregory S. Bekher, a recent valedictorian of CSP, motivated our students to strive for excellence and not to allow failure or a loss to stop them from achieving their goals and aspirations. Our very own CLF Board President, Mr. Spear Lancaster, was delighted to speak to our students as well, and hand them some amazing awards.


CLF is extremely thankful for our students and parents who volunteered to perform at the Awards Reception. Ms. Renee Collins Georges did a superb job singing the National Anthem. The CMIT North Turkish Dance Club dazzled us with their traditional dance moves to the beat of some of today’s top song selections. Last but not least, Ms. Alexis Shelton, a CSP 10th grade student, performed a beautiful rendition of ROAR by Katy Perry that had all of the student Tigers roaring along to the beat of the music.


The program was jam packed with VIP appearances, citations from the Governor, and a PowerPoint presentation depicting the history of CLF, CSP, and the paved path to the CMIT Academies. The entire event was just spectacular from start to finish. With a crowd of roughly 3,000 spectators, our students were gleaming as they walked up on stage to receive their awards. The support from their peers was particularly heartwarming. We believe we even sensed a healthy competition between schools as the respective schools heard their own students’ names called or if the school swept an entire category. With each award announced there was a wave of support and encouragement from each of the schools. The awards reception was a perfect representation of the school spirit and enthusiasm displayed by our students throughout the school year.


Kudos to the CLF STEM Fair team made up of administrators, science fair coordinators, CLF employees and our amazing parents. Job well done! We are confident that the future STEM Fairs will only get better and attract spectators both near and far.







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